1. Patent and trademark applications filing and prosecution in Europe
  2. Design applications prosecution, registration, and enforcement in Europe
  3. Patent and trademark opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office and invalidation appeals after being validated into each country
  4. Patent novelty, patentability, and freedom to operate searches
  5. Opinions on infringement and validity of patents, trademarks, and designs
  6. Consulting services on IP enforcement
  7. Translation of patent documents and other legal documents, reverse translation, and proofreading thereof
  8. Patent mining (invention mining) support for R&D centres or other subsidiaries located in Europe, and drafting English patent specifications to be filed with the EPO
  9. Various training programs for IP or R&D personnel
  1. ヨーロッパでの特許、意匠、並びに商標(含サービスマーク)に関する、出願から権利取得及び権利維持・権利行使に至るすべての業務
  2. ヨーロッパ特許・商標の異議申立および各国指定後の特許取消申請
  3. 先行技術調査、特許調査、クリアランス調査
  4. 侵害鑑定、特許・商標・意匠の有効性鑑定
  5. IP業務のコンサルティング・サービス
  6. 技術翻訳(出願明細書、特許公報、契約書等)
  7. ヨーロッパ拠点の子会社、R&Dセンターにおける発明の発掘およびヨーロッパ出願の支援
  8. 各種研修制度

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